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CiC is pleased to announce the arrival of Overdue: Medicaid and Private Insurance Coverage of Doula Care. CiC is recognized as a local and national leader in the maternity care field,known pioneering policy work, behavioral change efforts, and deep connections with consumers and the birth field. CiC advocates to local leaders, policy makers,and healthcare providers to ensure accessible, culturally competent and evidence-based maternity care services.

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We at Choice In Child Birth are always here to help you in every step of the way which can help get you through the feeling anxious and worried. We with the help of experts, will ensure that you can feel prepared at the right time for a child.

Newly Pregnant

A dunting experience but can bring joy if planned properly tp help bring the right advice where you can feel prepared both inside out.

Planning Your Birth

The process of birth is personal to each and every woman, and it is up to you to make the right decision for you and your baby’s health.

Postpartum Health

Probably one of the most untouched parts of the whole pregnancy where you as a woman and going back to your very own former self both physically and mentally.

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On October 3, Choices in Childbirth kicked off National Midwifery Week at the 13th annual Miles For Midwives 5K Family Fun Run and Birth Fair in Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY. With your help and participation, this collaboration between CiC and the NYC Midwives was a huge success! A record amount of fundraising occurred, which will help advance midwifery services in NYC and support CiC’s upcoming policy report, Midwifery Matters in New York: Realizing the Affordable Care Act through the Midwifery Model of Care.”

Happy Stories

Choice in Childbirth helped me guide through the postpartum anxiety which has helped me stay at better health both mentally and physically.

Erica G. Griffing

As a single mother, the process of pregnancy seemed daunting, but Choice of Childbirth helped me throughout my pregnancy making it feel right.

Stephanie A. Wilkinson

I had a lot of stress during my while pregnancy due to which I could see some negative effects on my body but with the help of the Choice In Child Birth I made it through with my healthy baby.

Helen M. Williams


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Creating a Birth Plan

Birth Plan

The miracle of giving birth is a process that is remarkable and leaves tears in your eyes. Throughout the process, the relationship between a mother and her child expands and goes beyond boundaries. But to take it to the right place, one also requires to have a proper birth plan that considers everything. Since starting a family and settling down are not easy aspects of life, one needs to be prepared. Hence, to give you a complete idea about the same and help you out, here’s how you need to make a birth plan.

1. The Introduction

Before jumping into explanations and definitions, let’s understand the underlying meaning of a birth plan. By all means, a birth plan is a detailed outline of all your preferences during delivery and labour. This also tends to relate to the kind of people that you want around during the process, the type of meds that you prefer and so on. The main objective of the plan is to make the process as comfortable as possible. But one cannot ensure that the program goes accordingly because a few changes might be implemented based on the situation. Hence, come forward to seek help to form the right birth plan.

2. The Ingredients

The second question that people usually have tends to refer to the kind of concepts that need to be included in the plan. So, to make that specific here’s what needs to be included:

Details – necessary details such as name, contact information, doctor’s name, preferred place of birth, and so on.

Surrounding – this tends to refer to the kind of atmosphere that you want during the process of birth. Be it dim lights or bright lights, silence or music; the plan covers everything.

Pain Management – pain is an essential part of labour, and the plan comes in handy. The process goes ahead based on what you want it, except for changes made by doctors on medical grounds.

Labour – all your preferences during labour tends to be covered. Whether you want to walk around freely or use a chair, such aspects get included.

Delivery – the central part about delivery talks about your preferences towards the individual who needs to cut the umbilical cord and so on.

3. The Review

Apart from the points mentioned above, a birth plan includes more options, and they can be trimmed according to your need. But as soon as you have constructed the program, you need to review it along with your doctor and your partner. Bringing their opinions into the process will help you curb mistakes if there are any. So, you need to review the plan in time and way before the expected date of delivery.