Breastfeeding & Beyond

For both mother and child, feeding time is nourishing and relaxing.

Given practice, most mothers can breastfeed. In addition to supporting your baby’s immune system and augmenting a beautiful bond, breastfeeding allows you to relax and plug into your baby’s rhythms.

Experts agree that breastfeeding augments the mother-baby connection and long-term health. But it’s not the only way to feed your little one. If you’re having trouble producing milk or getting your baby to nurse, speak with a lactation specialist. She can help you resolve issues and settle into feeding—whether that’s breastfeeding naturally, using a breast pump, or supplementing (or substituting) with donor milk or formula. With help, you’ll create a feeding plan that’s healthy, manageable, and a pleasure for you both.

If you are struggling to find a comfortable breastfeeding rhythm, seek immediate support. Find lactation specialists in your area, talk to other moms who have successfully breastfed, and browse the CiC Provider Network today.