Caring For Your Newborn

From your baby’s first breath onward, he or she is developing, learning, and forming precious connections. Give your newborn the best start with evidence-based bonding and nurturing techniques.

Many mothers are surprised to learn that their newborn isn’t quite ready for the world, and requires a “fourth trimester” of bonding and nurturing. As you prepare, educate yourself on how to feed your baby, how to soothe him or her with body language, and how to properly hold and protect his or her tiny frame.

Studies by the World Health Organization (WHO) show that breastfeeding enhances bonding. Educate yourself on your options, and take classes on newborn care, such as how to activate your baby’s calming reflex. In no time, you will get the hang of caring for your newborn.

Every new mother can use a little help. Browse postpartum counselors, parenting professionals, breastfeeding support, and groups like La Leche League on the CiC Provider Network today.