Preparing For Labor & Delivery

Long or short, arduous or uncomplicated, your labor and birth are impossible to predict. However, you can mentally and physically prepare yourself for the full range of outcomes.

While you are pregnant, learn all you can about labor through research and education. Read books, watch documentaries, and find out what factors impact delivery. Research when and why medical interventions are used. Attend a CiC Healthy Birth workshop, swap labor-coping strategies with moms, and decide which are right for you. Then practice and prepare your body for the physical challenge to come.

A successful, healthy labor takes careful planning. Decide the details: where do you want to be? Who would you like to be there with you? Then, when the time comes, surrender to the powerful and miraculous event your body is producing.

Learn more about labor and planning strategies for your birth in a CiC workshop, podcast, or from a care provider in the CiC Provider Network today.